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Maths: 1 hour Today we look at The Mean.Work though the fluency slides and then try the VF task sheet. Check your answers and correct any mistakes

You could try this science experiment at home and email me a picture. A rainbow has become the emblem of this time across the UK.

Literacy; 1 hour. Look at the sentence revision part of this powerpoint. Evaluate which elements you are more and less confident with as today you can chose your own area to practise in a workshop of your own.

Literacy:Open the resource and look at the sentence revsion section. Chose one sentence workshop task to practise. You could choose correcting the letters, sorting subjects or spotting complete or incomplete sentences. Work in your homework book or on paper.

Topic: History On Purplemash. Today I would like you start this topic but then you have 1 week to complete and hand in next Wednesday. You need to research why and when the Spanish went to the Aztec town of Tenochititilan. What happened? How and why did the city fall? Then write a report in sequential order. Use cohesive paragraph starters.