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Try to go online and do PE with Joe Wicks at 9.00am live. This is a healthy way to start your day!


Please spend 1 hour working through the varied fluency slides explaining how to solve problems with line graphs. Do what you can to solve the problems on the slides then reveal the answers. 

Now try the varied fluency problems at the challenge right for you and then check your answers. 


Listen to David Walliams tell you one of his stories on his website at 11, have a rest and a snack!

Literacy: 1 hour.

Look back at the Shakespeare text from Monday that you read. Macbeth plotted to murder Banquo and his son. However his son fled and escaped. Later that night, during dinner, Macbeth is haunted and tormented by the ghost of Banquo. His dinner guests wonder if he is losing his mind.

Write this scene as a narrative. Ensure that you try and use some speech from Macbeth to show his anxiety and to advance the action. Email any responses to Year6@overseal.derbsyhire.sch.uk, this could be a photograph.


Topic: Have a look at your art project on the front page and spend 1 hour starting it.