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Wednesday 1st April


Work through the Powerpoint below on adding decimals within 1.  

Complete the Fluency sheet. Remember, there are three challenges. D is developing skills. E is if you feel confident; E is working at the expected Year 5 level. GD is if you wish to challenge yourself at that greater depth of the concept. As always, challenge yourself  - you could do more than one challenge!

Complete work in your exercise book and check your answers. If you have any questions wrong, can you work out why?

Wednesday 1st April


Today, I’d like you to begin to listen to a story on ‘audible stories’.

Whilst you are listening, think about the story, line, the setting, the characters, the mood, the atmosphere. Do you like it? Not like it? Why? What do you think might happen later in the story?

When you’ve listened, go to the class blog and tell me all about it. I wonder if any of you will listen to the same story?




To add to the class blog, go to the green globe 'Sharing' icon on Purple Mash.  In there, click 'Shared Blogs', then go to 'Year 5 Let's get reading...'