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Lesson 2 –Drawing lines and angles accurately

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video slides, and worksheets. (I’ve also put the question sheet and answer sheet below.)



You can also visit the BBC Bitesize website for an extra video on today’s maths lesson.


The links are below:




Just a reminder – the idea is that the BBC provides further support to help you learn, you will still need to complete the White Rose question sheet, and as always, you can check your answers.


Tuesday 30th June


We’re going to continue to watch the video to the end, today.


You will need to think about the boy’s character throughout the film.


  • How is he presented in the first scene?
  • How does the audience see him as the film goes on?

Your task is to write as the boy. Think about his emotions and how they change through the story. Do you think he understands what is happening?


Look at the end of the story.

  • Who is to blame?
  • Why?
  • Is the boy acting in self-defence?
  • Can he control himself?


Think about spellings, openers, punctuation and sentence types.

I’ve attached some sheets to help.


You can write in your exercise book or type it. Please send me a copy – I can’t wait to read them!




The Ancient Benin Kingdom

Session 2

  • I can match key words about the Kingdom of Benin to the correct descriptions.
  • I can sort some events in African history into chronological order.
  • I can sort some events in African history into different levels of significance and talk about how I came to my decisions.


Today we’ll begin to learn about what the Ancient Benin Kingdom actually was and how it all began.

There will be some unfamiliar vocabulary today, so keep your eyes and ears peeled for this.

You’ll also place the Benin Kingdom on a timeline so that you can picture where it fits into history.


Begin by watching the powerpoint for this lesson (below).


Read the information about how the Benin Kingdom began. Pay attention – there is a task about this, in a while.


Then look at the Events in African History Sheet. You need to look at the dates and order them in chronological order (oldest to newest).


Once you’ve done that, it asks you to rank those events in order of importance. There’s no right or wrong answer for this, but you need to ask yourself what each event is and why you think it’s important or not as important.

Have a go at answering the questions. I’d really like to see how you get on. Send any work to: