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Tuesday RSE: My feelings

**Use the Feelings Powerpoint to look at some photographs of children showing emotions and suggest what you think they are feeling and why. What makes you think that they feel that way? Can you think of a time that you’ve felt like that?

Play a feelings game with your family. You have to act out a feeling and they have to guess what it is, then it’s someone else’s turn! (You can use the ‘how are you feeling today?’ sheet to give you ideas).**


Yesterday, you thought about people that are special to you. Talk about how you feel when you are with your special person/people. Are there times that you feel happy or excited? What makes you feel angry when you are with them? When do you feel upset? How do you deal with your feelings? What do you do when you’re feeling angry or upset? Can you remember what we learned about taking deep breaths (bubble breaths or flower and wand breaths) to help you feel calm?


**Draw a big sunshine on a piece of paper and inside draw or write things that make you feel happy or excited. On another sheet of paper, draw a rain drop and inside draw or write about things that make you feel sad or angry. Talk about things that you could do to cheer yourself up if you are feeling upset e.g. talk to someone you trust, do something you enjoy, play with a friend, take some time to be quiet by yourself, cuddle a favourite teddy – everybody will have their own special way to make themselves feel better, because everyone is different.**


Key questions:

Q: What makes you happy, sad, excited, surprised?

Q: What can you do if you feel worried/sad?

Q: Can you name some other feelings you have?

Key feelings vocabulary: happy/cheerful, excited, unhappy/sad/upset, angry/cross, worried/anxious

Art Lesson: My face in nature

You will need: a box to gather objects in, a mirror to look closely at yourself.

Today, you will gather outdoor items to create your face. Then you can create the face of your toy/friend or family member and compare them. What’s the same and what’s different?