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Brain warm up: Choose a tricky word that you find hard (It could be Phase 3 or 4) and see how many times you can write it accurately in 30 seconds. You will need an adult to time you or learn how to use a timer yourself. Repeat this with another word or two.


Phase 4 learning: Have a go at sorting the bricks in the warehouse to match them with the correct consonant blend. Or you could choose an activity from the ‘PHONICS resources and weblinks’ section on the main page.

Tuesday Writing: Acrostic Poem

Enjoy reading some of these minibeasts poems with your adult (or you can search for this book on YouTube and listen to them instead). 


An acrostic poem is where the first letter of each line spells out the theme of the poem.  You can write a word or a sentence for each line, it is your choice as a poet!


**Choose a minibeast and write an acrostic poem about them! There are some templates to write on below or you can write yours in your book.**

Bees buzzing in the sky


Eating pollen and nectar


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation (use letter families poster)
  • Are there any phase 3 digraphs/digraphs you can use in the words? (You could use your phase 3 sound mat)
  • Any longer words, remember to chop them up into parts to make it easier to sound out for writing
  • Finger spaces needed between each word


Tuesday Maths: Compare volume of liquids

You will need: a jug, water, rice, pasta or sand and containers to pour them into.

** Have a go at exploring capacity and compare which container holds the most and least.**


The best way to learn about capacity is by exploring using real containers but if you would like another activity, then use the sheet below and order the magic potions according to how much liquid they are holding.


Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths star words today?

*most, least, full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty *


Key Questions

What does capacity mean?

Which container will hole the most/least?

How do you know?