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Brain warm up: Choose a tricky word that you find hard (It could be Phase 3 or 4) and see how many times you can write it accurately in 30 seconds. You will need an adult to time you or learn how to use a timer yourself. Repeat this with another word or two.


Phase 4 learning: Choose an activity from PHONICS  resources and weblinks on the main Reception home learning page.

Tuesday Writing: Label the parts of a spider

**Go on a spider hunt and see if you can see what body pats they have. Then you can either draw a spider and label its body parts or use the sheet below.**


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation
  • Use your sounds and think about any digraphs that might be in your words
  • Any longer words, remember to chop them up into parts to make it easier to sound out for writing

Tuesday Maths: Exploring the concept of doubles

You will need: a piece of paper, a pencil or pen for drawing or paint or objects for counting up to 20

** Double the amounts of flowers on the screen. You could use objects or draw pictures to help you double. Can you draw a part part whole diagram to show the double?**


If you would like another activity, then you can use the gingerbread doubling to 20.


Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths star words today?

*double, two equal parts, part, whole *