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Brain warm up: Choose a way to warm up your brain by recalling Phase 3 sounds. You could use your own flashcards or the PhonicsPlay website ‘Flashcard Speed Trial’ or ‘A Giggling Grapheme’.


Phase 4 learning: To practise blending and reading Phase 4 words, play Forest Phonics and drag the sounds to spell the word given. Or choose an activity from the ‘PHONICS resources and weblinks’ section on the main page.

Tuesday Writing: Slug and Snail Facts

Why are slugs and snails slimy?

What do snails use their shell for?

Where do they live?


With your adult, look at the information on the fact cards and find out the answers to these questions and more fascinating facts! Remember to ask if there are any words that you don’ understand.

**Now write a fact/a few facts about slugs and snails that you found interesting.**

E.g. Slugs and snails cum owt at night so thay dont dri out.


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation
  • Are there any phase 3 digraphs/digraphs you can use in the words?
  • Any longer words, remember to chop them up into parts to make it easier to sound out for writing
  • Finger spaces needed between each word
  • Use a capital letters and full stops

Tuesday Maths: Exploring addition by counting on

You will need: 10 small objects

** Use the slideshow that goes with this lesson and practice holding a number in your head and counting on.**

If you would like another activity, then have fun playing the Additions to 20 Bus Board Game with your family. Try holding the number in your head and counting on or you could use your number line to find the totals.  

Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths star words today?

*plus, is equal to, first, then, now *