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Lesson 2 – Equivalent FDP 

This week we are starting a new topic on fractions.

You need to go click on the video link below which will lead you to, Summer 1 Week 6 because this is the learning we need to cover (don't worry we are not behind).

Today your screen should look like this so make sure you are working from the right page. 

Watch the video as many times as you need to. Start the task and then mark your own answers. I have attached the question and answers worksheet below.


Literacy Ruin

I wonder what happened before the flora and Fauna ran everybody out of the cities and towns. Why is the central character still there? What is the importance of the factory that is broken into? What was in the box? I would like you to make a plan of what happened before. Plan what the prequel story could have been and make some jottings to show your plan and initial ideas. 

Then you could write some of the narrative of this prequel story. Think about how you will show character, setting and atmosphere.I will present some of your writing tomorrow on the website. Email to year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk 



Open this Powerpoint and learn about the shape of shadows linked to our light topic.

See if you can answer all of these questions. You could involve all of your family.

You could make a shadow puppet of Isaac Newton and perform a scrip like the one here. I would be thrilled to see any videos of these!