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Lesson 2 – Compare and order fractions

You need to go click on the video link below which will lead you to, Summer 1 Week 3 because this is the learning we need to cover (don't worry we are not behind).

Today your screen should look like this so make sure you are working from the right page. 

Watch the video as many times as you need to. Start the task and then mark your own answers. I have attached the question and answers worksheet below.



Today you could energise yourself by trying this GoNoodle.




Literacy: Complex sentences.

Today I would like you to log on to the BBC Literacy Bitesize page. 

I would like you to watch the videos that remind you what a complex and compound sentence is. You should watch these before you do any of the activities. 

Then I would like you to do the activities in a slightly different way. Do the complex sentence task I have saved below. Check your answers by scrolling down on the sheet. Choose the level of challenge right for you 1 star work is challenge 1, 2 stars is challenge 2 and 3 stars is challenge 3 and the most challenging. 

Then I would like you to plan and create your own headteacher character. the Demon Headmaster is evil. He can hypnotize children but this is a secret. Create your own headteacher with a secret and write a paragraph to describe them, you could also create an illustration.

I am really looking forward to reading these.

Email me your descriptions to year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk  




Complex sentence task

Topic Science- To understand that light travels at different speeds in straight lines and water and other transparent (see through) materials can bend light which is refraction. 

Last week you investigated what happened when you placed a coin under a cup and then filled it with water. You predicted what would happen. You wrote conclusions about what happened and why.This week we will investigate this idea further. Watch the powerpoint below and then try the arrow investigation. 

You can do this over two days and email your pictures, videos or written work to Year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk 

Science- Refraction- Please open this powerpoint which explains the bending of light travelling-refraction

Open this science refraction task and complete the task on paper.