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Please can you choose a book and spend 10 minutes+ reading/sharing it with an adult or older sibling. It can be a book that you have at home or an eBook on the Oxford Owl website.

Things to remember to be a good reader...

- Look at front cover to work out the title.

- Can you find the author's name?

- Be a good digraph detective!

- Track words with your finger.

-  Look out for any tricky words you know how to read by sight.

- Use WORD BREAKDOWN to say when there's a word you don't understand or know what it means in the story context.


If you would like another activity, then read the phase 4 interacting storybook ‘What Did You Put in My Lunchbox?’.


Brain warm up: Choose a tricky word that you find hard (It could be Phase 3 or 4) and see how many times you can write it accurately in 30 seconds. You will need an adult to time you or learn how to use a timer yourself. Repeat this with another word or two.


Phase 4 learning: Use the blank snakes and ladders template (or make your own using paper/ back of an old food box) to fill in the phase 3 or 4 tricky words.

Have fun playing with your family!

Maths: Ordinal numbers

You will need:

10 toys and a set of ordinal number cards. You can make your own or print the ones below.


**Watch the BBC Bitesize clip and listen to the song that introduces ordinal numbers. Then have a go at the game ordering the people in the queue with first, 2nd, 3rd and last**


**Now put your toys in a line. You can imagine that they are waiting to catch a bus, waiting to go inside after playtime or queueing to go into the supermarket!

Now, your adult can ask you questions and you need to place the ordinal number cards next to the correct toy. E.g. which toy is 5th? Which toy is first? Etc.

Now swap over and you have to ask the questions, so that you practice using ordinal numbers. **

Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths key vocabulary today?   

*1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, first, last, order*


Key Questions

Who is 1st/2nd…?

Which toy is last?

Which toy is first?


If you would like more, then there are some ordinal number worksheets below.