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You could do PE with Joe today. Are you getting more fit?

Maths: To understand angles in a triangle. 

Today you need to visit the Maths Hub page to learn more about angles and start to understand angles in a triangle. You need to select Summer week 1 because this is the work we need to do in our class. 

Today is lesson two. The screen should look like this. Watch the videos and then open the activity and try to do the tasks. You can always watch the video again if you need to. 


Literacy: Writing a report using your own organisational features. 

Today you are going to write the report that you planned yesterday.

Have another look at the model report from yesterday about Jessica Ennis Hill. 

Look at your plan from yesterday.

Today try to write a report about your chosen famous person using this success criteria list.


Think of your favourite celebrity, musician, sportsperson or hero.

Write a formal report about them.

Remember to use these points:

  • Research your topic first
  • Brief introduction
  • Sub-headings
  • Formal language
  • Complex sentences
  • Facts only
  • Clear layout


Email me your report when you have completed it. 

Model report to help you

Science : Hand in on Friday

I was really pleased to see so many of you had completed the Purplemash Science tasks last week. Have a look under the Wizards who have shone page to see some of them, they were great! 

A special mention also to Erin and Danny who have been developing their science learning and emailed their excellent work. 

This week I want us to consolidate our learning about light. I would like you to choose your own project to do and email me your completed work. Choose from one of my suggestions or be creative and choose your own way of showing your learning. 

We need to be able to identify light sources.



  • You could make a photo collage of all the light sources you can find around you try to use the vocabulary electromagnetic radiation or energy. 

We need to know that light travels in straight lines.

  • You could make a model to show how light travels.
  • You could draw your own diagram to show light traveling in a straight line.
  • You could use yourself, string and objects to demonstrate the travelling of light in straight lines. 
  • You could make your own video explaining how light travels in a straight line and how you see object. 

We need to understand how mirrors reflect light and can help us see.

  • You could make a periscope.
  • Or use your own idea.

Choose one project to work on and then email your work to Year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk by Friday. 


I have added on two powerpoints below to revise this learning from last week.