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Please can you choose a book and spend 10 minutes+ reading/sharing it with an adult or older sibling. It can be a book that you have at home or an eBook on the Oxford Owl website.


If you would like another reading activity:

Play a game of 'odd one out' read the words and see if you can spot the word that doesn’t rhyme.


Brain warm up: Choose a way to warm up your brain by recalling Phase 3 sounds. You could use your own flashcards or the PhonicsPlay website ‘Flashcard Speed Trial’ or ‘A Giggling Grapheme’.


Phase 4 learning: To practise blending and reading Phase 4 words, play Make a Match or Reading Robot’ on the Phonics play website or choose a page from the Phase 4 Phonics Activity Booklet.


Follow the link below to access the Oak Academy Lesson ‘Little Red Riding Hood’


You will need a pencil, paper, listening ears, a blanket and a teddy talk partner.


**Today, you will be listening to a story then drawing a character and labelling it! **


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation (use letter families poster)
Are there any phase 3 digraphs/digraphs you can use in the words? (You could use your phase 3 sound mat)

Maths: Exploring and discussing the days of the week.

You will need a box, some paper and a pen.

**Practise reading the days of the week and putting them in order**

**It’s hard to remember what day it is at the moment so make a calendar!**


Key questions:

What are the days of the week?

What are the week days?

What two days make up the weekend?

What day comes after ….?

What day comes before…?