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Maths - Lesson 2 - Add 2-digit numbers

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video. The White Rose website link below will take you to the correct page for Year 2.


Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book. The answers are there for you to check, too.

You can also visit the BBC website, following the link below, for additional videos and activities on today's lesson if you would like further support with your learning.


Tuesday and Wednesday - You will spend two days on this.


This week, we will be using the BBC lessons for our home learning activities. Follow the link below.


First, watch the short video about question marks. 


Then follow the activities (there are three activities on the website but you do not need to do activity 3). 


Activity 1 - Later in this lesson we are going to watch a clip about 'The Magic Faraway Tree'. In the story there are four children called Joe, Beth, Franny and Rick. They love going to the Magic Faraway Tree because they always have so much fun there.

Write a question for each of the four children asking them something about the tree. You can do this verbally or you can write it down.

  • Use words like: what, did, does, have and where to start your questions.
  • Don't forget your question marks.


Activity 2 - Watch the video about The Magic Faraway Tree. 

What can you remember about The Magic Faraway Tree? Imagine you have been on an adventure there and you want to write a diary entry about it. You only need to write about one of the days you spent there. Remember to write in the past tense.


Watch the video again and make some notes about the things you want to include in your diary.


Your diary entry will need to include:

  • a greeting like 'Dear Diary' or 'To Diary'
  • a description of the tree (what it looked like, how it felt to be there)
  • who you met (what were their names and what did they look like)
  • what questions you asked whilst there (remember to include question marks)
  • information about what you did and how you felt
  • a closing like 'Got to go now' or 'time for me to go'


Remember you have two days to spend on this so challenge yourself to include most or all of the features above. 

Topic - Geography

We will be learning about the oceans of the world today. In Year 2 geography, you need to be able to name and locate the 5 oceans. 


First, you will need to read through the information on the power point below. 

Then read through the power point again but this time make bullet point notes of the key facts. 


After that, log on to Purple Mash. 

Click on the 2do 'What I have learned'. 

Put your notes about the 5 oceans into your own sentences about what you have found out.


Can you name all of the 5 oceans? 

What information do you now know that you didn't know before?