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Today we are finishing our ratio unit by tackling some problems. Apply everything you have learnt so far. Watch the video first as many times as you need to. Then open the tasks and do the worksheet. Then use the answers to check your work. As you would in school correct any mistakes you may have made. 



Make time to enjoy a book today!

Literacy: Today look through this power point about VE day and make notes using bullet points like we practiced last week. I have set you a Newspaper report 2DO on PurpleMash to write about it. However first you need to plan your writing. Plan which vocabulary you will use to show jubilation. Make a list of synonyms to show joy.

Literacy/ Topic: Once you have made notes from the Powerpoint and planned some vocabulary to have an impact upon the reader, you can go to Purplemash and begin the Newspaper report. This does not need to be handed in until Thursday so you have time to draft and re-draft. Ensure you choose words to convey a joyous mood. You need to include an introduction and quotes from people that were there. Include topic paragraphs. All proper names need capital letters, I have noticed this is something we need reminding of.