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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

Don't forget to head over to our purple mash blog about finding things you are grateful for each day. I have added a post and it's nice to hear from some of you already. You can add as little as one thing you are grateful for rather than complete the whole scavenger hunt but on Friday, your literacy task will link to completing it all!

Chapter Eight

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Chaoter Eight Part Two

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Chapter Eight Part 3

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Click on the link above.

This will take you to the White Rose lessons for Summer Term 1 – these are the maths plans we follow in school, so you’ll be very used to the different methods and diagrams they use. 


Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book.

The answers are there for you to check, too. 


Your screen should display the image below when you get to the website. You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I've put them below, too. (You will need to go on the website for the video, though.)


Story: Reading Comprehension – Fact Retrieval

The Oak National Academy have developed a series of lessons for you to use at home. Let’s give them a go!


Today, we’re going to be looking at fact retrieval.

Click on this link for the lesson: FACT RETRIEVAL 


There are several activities within the lesson all based on Fantastic Beasts, the famous story by J.K.Rowling. The lessons will look a lot like the lessons you have in school! There are quizzes and videos from the film and white board slides.

Start the lesson with the quiz, you can check your scores, the click on ‘Next Activity’ on the bottom right of the screen. (The quizzes open in a new tab, so if you can’t move on to the next activity, you might need to close that window – ask an adult if you’re unsure.)


When you get to the main activity, there are questions to answer. I would like you to answer these in your workbook and if it’s not too much trouble I’d love to see some of your answers so if you can email a photo of your work to Year4@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk I would be very grateful.

It’s really important that we keep practising our writing – I imagine, if you’re like me, your handwriting is beginning to slip a little bit. Try really hard today to form letters accurately and to sit it on the line. 

The lesson finishes with another quiz.



As we’re all finding ourselves having to use computers and type a lot more, I thought it might help if we took a few typing lessons this week!

Purple Mash has a whole unit on typing.  It includes lots of activities which help us to learn to type efficiently and accurately with two hands - and hopefully a little quicker, for some of us, too!


Go to your Purple Mash Home page.

Click on Computing.

Then, click on 2Type.



I've set up some daily tasks on the Purple Mash 2Do's. For a lot of them, you can alter the time to more or less minutes - it depends how you get on. Also, you might want to do some of the activities just the once, others more times. Though, be warned - some of the games are addictive and I kept wanting to beat my time!

Today, we’re starting with the ‘Home Row Keys’ (middle row letters), ‘Bottom Row Keys’ and ‘Top Row Keys’. There are three activities, ending in a ‘beat the clock’ game for each row of letters.


Go to 2 Type.  Practise the ‘Home Row Keys’, the ‘Bottom Row keys’ and the ‘Top Row Keys’ activities.


I will only set 2Do’s for the final games, but by practising first, you’ll get better much quicker and learn how to type properly.