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Maths - Lesson 2 - Count in fractions


Click on the link above.

This will take you to the White Rose lessons for Summer Term 1 – these are the maths plans we follow in school, so you’ll be very used to the different methods and diagrams they use. 

For Year 2, the lessons continue with the Spring Term block first, so you will revisit fractions for a couple of lessons and then continue with length. 

Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book.

The answers are there for you to check, too. 

Your screen should display the image below when you get to the website. You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I've put them below, too. (You will need to go on the website for the video, though.)

Literacy - Character description

Today, I would like you to write a character description about either the girl or the dragon.

It is up to you whether you write this in your exercise book or type up your work on the computer. 


Remember to use your imagination.

You will need to give your character a name.

Then write descriptive sentences and think about the following:

  • Appearance (what they look like - describe their features)
  • Personality (what kind of character they are)
  • Hobbies (what they enjoy doing)
  • Habitat/Home (where they live - describe the setting)


Can you include expanded noun phrases? 


a brave, adventurous girl

a scaly, fierce dragon

some towering, rocky mountains

a small, distant village


Below are some resources you may find helpful. 


You could send your work to the class email if you would like to. It would be great to celebrate some of your work on the 'Amazing work of the Astronauts' page. 



Topic - Science Project

Caring for Pets

Our new science topic is 'Animals including Humans'.

For the rest of the week, I would like you to think about the basic needs of animals and how to care for pets.

You will spend some time on your project each day and then send or submit your completed work once you have completed it. 

If you have a pet, you will already know a few things about how to care for them, which you could include in your work. Don't worry if you don't have a pet, you will be choosing any pet animal of your choice. You may choose to research more than one - some animals need to be looked after in slightly different ways.


First, read the power point below about the basic needs of animals. You may want to use books, watch videos or research online to help you. Please remember the online safety rules before researching online and do this with permission and with an adult at home. 

You should consider:

  • Nutrition - What does it need to eat and drink? How often?
  • Health and Hygiene - What does it need to stay healthy, clean and safe?
  • Exercise - How does it keep fit? Does it need any equipment?
  • Accommodation - Where does it need to live and sleep? What does it need to be comfortable?
  • Behaviour - Does it like to sleep? Does it like to play? Does it need love and attention?

Is there anything else it needs?

Have you found out any other information about your chosen pet animal?


It is up to you how you present your topic work. You could create a power point presentation, a fact file, a leaflet, create a word document, create art work with information around it or you may have a different idea. Purple Mash has some templates you may want to use under 'information about animals', 'blank leaflet' or 'blank template' - you can design your own.


Once you have completed it this week, you can send your work or a picture of it to the Year 2 email. If you have chosen to use a template on Purple Mash, make sure your final version is saved and I will see it on there. It would be great to celebrate your work on the 'Amazing work of the Astronauts' page.