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Do PE with Joe Wicks every weekday at 9.00am to start your day in a healthy way.

Maths: I hour

Today we continue with Statistics.

We are going to problem solve and reason with line graphs.

Watch the power point again and focus on the problems today

Watch the power point teaching line graphs. Do all the tasks on the slides that you did not do yesterday. Calculate the answers then reveal if you are accurate. Please do not cheat or you will not be learning.

Today do the problem solving tasks. You could print if you have a printer. Alternatively, you can work in a book. Choose your challenge. D is developing skills. E is if you feel confident; E is working at the expected Year 6 level. GD is if you wish to challenge yourself at that greater depth of the concept. Choose the challenge right for you so  that you are successful, learning and making progress. After the task mark your own answers.

Literacy I Hour

Yesterday you read about Macbeth. Today can you write a diary entry on paper or in your homework book. In the diary entry Macbeth should consider that he is worried about Banquo's son's one day becoming king. It should show the decision he makes to plan also for their murder and how he will do this and why. Remember to use language like Macbeth would, the required formality. Try to use the Y6 punctuation learnt.

You could listen to David Walliams read one of his own stories in his website at 11! You could do this each day.

Topic: 1 hour. Start this Aztec project and complete it before next Tuesday when I will be reviewing them. Go on Purple mash and look at your 2DO icon.