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Weekly Topic - EASTER

If you'd like to do a little extra today, I have set an arty, Easter task on your 2do list called 'Easter Egg'. It's a paint task and allows you to create colourful repeated patterns on an egg by changing the technique at the bottom using the red sliding tool.



This week, I'd like you to think about 'Easter'. 

We had started to consider this Christian celebration in our RE lessons in school where we were looking at forgiveness and what Jesus’ life, death and resurrection teaches Christians.


You should consider:

What does Easter mean to you?

What is the Christian meaning of Easter?

How is Easter celebrated around the world?

How do you celebrate Easter in your house?


Can you please spend time over the week thinking about one or more of the questions above - or you could answer your own question.


You can create a powerpoint presentation; create art work or models - collages, paint work, paper mache; write a story, produce a fact-file or leaflet; make an Easter bonnet (whilst singing 'Hip Hip Hooray, of course!); write a diary entry, imagining it is Easter weekend.

I don't mind what you do.

When you have finished, don't forget to send to me at: