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Science - Plants

We will be continuing our plants topic today.

First, read through the power point below about plants we eat. 


Farmers have to look after their plants very carefully so they can grow lots of plants for us to eat. 


Today, you can decide how you would like to present your work. The task is to imagine you have your own farm. You need to decide what foods could be grown on your farm and explain what your plant crops would need to grow well. You could either print off the activity sheet provided and complete it or you could draw and colour your own farm in your exercise book or on some paper and then write about it. You could complete your work on the computer or even make your own farm. It is completely up to you! You can decide how long you would like to spend on this too. 


Next time you are eating your dinner or helping your family prepare your food, think carefully about where the food has come from.


If you would like to show us your fabulous work then email