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Lesson 4 – Calculate angles around a point

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video slides, and worksheets. (I’ve also put the question sheet and answer sheet below.)

 The links are below:




You can also visit the BBC Bitesize website for an extra video on today’s maths lesson.


Just a reminder – the idea is that the BBC provides further support to help you learn, you will still need to complete the White Rose question sheet, and as always, you can check your answers.



Thursday 2nd July and Friday 3rd July

WE will be completing this lesson over two days – use the time wisely!

I thought we could have a bit of fun today and tomorrow.

You have a choice of two scenarios to write about (if you like you could do both.)


A nemesis is like an arch enemy. Think Batman and the Joker, Harry Potter and Voldemort, Tom and Jerry, Robin Hood and the Sheriff of Nottingham!


Whichever you choose to write about, make it lively and entertaining. Think about the mood you want to create and how you will use alliteration, onomatopoeia, similes, metaphors and different sentence types to do it.


I’ve attached a sheet to help you plan your villain or hero.


You can illustrate your piece, too – maybe even create a comic?

Have fun!

Think about spellings, openers, punctuation and sentence types.

I’ve attached some sheets to help.


You can write in your exercise book or type it. Please send me a copy – I can’t wait to read them!


RE - Buddhism

Thursday 2nd July

What is the sacred text of Buddhism?


You will follow the link below to the Oak National Academy to meet Miss Reid again.  Miss Reid is going to help you learn about the sacred text of Buddhism.


Start the session with the quiz (hopefully they have put the correct quiz on this week!) – what do you already know about Buddhism? What can you recall from last week and Siddhartha Gautama?


Watch the video – there’s quite a lot of information, today, so you might choose to make notes or even watch it more than once.



Complete the on-line lesson with a quiz to see how much you’ve learned.

Now, go to your 2Dos on Purple Mash. Your task is to write an explanation for the ‘Star Words’ below.


Remember that you will need to be as thorough as you can, giving lots of detail. Also, remember your use of punctuation and a range of openers.