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Lesson 4 - Compare mass

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video. The White Rose website link below will take you to the correct page for Year 2.


Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book. The answers are there for you to check, too.


You can also visit the BBC website, following the link below, for additional videos and activities on today's lesson if you would like further support with your learning.


Today, we will be identifying the key features of an action scene so that we are ready to write our own. I have put a picture below of the table you will need to draw in today's lesson. 


Follow the link below.


You can send any work to year2@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk

Topic - Science and Design and Technology 


Food and Nutrition


Today, as part of our Animals including Humans topic, we will be learning about food and nutrition. We will find out about food groups and healthy eating. 

Follow the link below.


First, read through the information and watch the videos about the Eatwell Guide. Then, complete the activities. 


Activity 1: Click on the picture of the worksheet to open it. The worksheet shows an empty Eatwell Plate, split into the five food groups. Cut out the food to sort and put on your plate. You could draw your own in your exercise book or record where the food would go instead of printing the sheet. There are a lot of pictures so just put a few in each group instead. 


Activity 2: Using this Eatwell Plate, come up with three meals that would come under 'a healthy, balanced diet'. Make sure you use each food group and portion them correctly.


You can send your work to year2@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk