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Brain warm up: Choose a tricky word that you find hard (It could be Phase 3 or 4) and see how many times you can write it accurately in 30 seconds. You will need an adult to time you or learn how to use a timer yourself. Repeat this with another word or two.


Phase 4 learning: Have a go at sorting the bricks in the warehouse to match them with the correct consonant blend. Or you could choose an activity from the ‘PHONICS resources and weblinks’ section on the main page.

Thursday Writing: Describe a snail

**Go on a slug and snail hunt and observe what they look like and how they move. If you aren't able to find one then look at the pictures of snails and think of some words that describe what a snail looks like or how it moves. Then you can either draw your own snail or slug and write some words to describe it or you could write sentences to describe it.**


Things to remember to be a good writer:

  • Think about your letter formation
  • Use your sounds and think about any digraphs that might be in your words
  • Any longer words, remember to chop them up into parts to make it easier to sound out for writing

Thursday Maths: Exploring subtraction as take away

You will need: 10 small objects for counting

** Use your objects and practice making up your own subtraction stories. E.g. There were 9 animals laying down on the grass. 3 horses went back to their stable. How many animals were left? If you want to challenge yourself then record your thinking using part- part-whole or number sentences.**


If you would like another activity, then try the minibeast subtractions within 10 sheet or the Rainforest subtractions within 20 sheet.


Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths star words today?

*subtract, is equal to, part, whole, minus *