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Lesson 4 - Decimals as fractions

This week we are starting a new topic on fractions.

You need to go click on the video link below which will lead you to, Summer 1 Week 5 because this is the learning we need to cover (don't worry we are not behind).

Today your screen should look like this so make sure you are working from the right page. 

Watch the video as many times as you need to. Start the task and then mark your own answers. I have attached the question and answers worksheet below.


Literacy- Ruin

Today we are going to create a character and write about the main figure in the story. You are going to write a paragraph about him. Or you could present it a bit differently with a picture of him and a description. 


We notice that our 'hero' may not be all he seems.  In the scene above we see that his skin is a strange matrix of hexagons which glow.  He seemingly manages to power up the hand held device with his fingers. 

  • Is he the person in the profile?
  • Was he built by Haven Nanotech?
  • Why is 'research facility B' under quarantine?
  • Why does he want to go there?


RE- Topic




Today We continue with our RE enquiry into 'What is eternity?'

We have already considered:

Does love last forever? We have reflected on christian weddings and different beliefs about Heaven. Today we look at different religions beliefs about incarnation. I would like you to work through the powerpoint below. Then draw your own diagram showing what incarnation is. Present it in your own way, choose your own life form and then email your responses to Year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk