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Maths: Angles

Today you are going to progress on to finding missing angles in a triangle from what you have already learnt. 

You will need to go to The Maths hub page from the link below.

You need to select Summer 1 week 1 lesson 4. The page should look like this.


Literacy: To know the features of a recount.

Today log on to BBC Bite size.


You can watch a video from the author Michael Rosen teaching the features of a recount.

Work through the videos it will help you know the features of a recount when you are writing for this purpose. 

  • first person
  • past tense
  • paragraphs
  • clear structure
  • chronological order
  • detail
  • feelings
  • emotive language
  • time conjunctions


Then watch the video about the explorer Amelia Earhart.

Afterwards draft your own recount to show her experience using the recount success criteria list. You could do this over two days and make a really good job of it and then email it to me at year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk.



Today you could phone a friend and catch up. Always ask for permission first.

Topic-Human Geography

Today we are going to start learning about some human geography about trade. 

Go to this BBC page and watch a video about trade to help you develop your understanding and then scroll down the page to try the quiz about trade. This project will continue next week.