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Your screen today should show lesson 4 Ratio

Open the activity below. Work through it and then check your answers from the ones provided.

Today you could listen to David Walliams read an audio story on his website.


Today we are learning about hyphens. Click this website on BBC Bitesize to watch some videos and learn more about Hyphens and then try the tasks suggested. 



Topic: Science

Today log on to Purplemash. I have set you two 2DO projects to show what you have found out about light, reflection and the way it travels into your eyes. If it helps watch the bitesize science videos that I have included on our homelearning page for the last two days. You could also carry out some of your own research. You have one week to complete the project. 

Look through this power point which also explains light and how we see. You could make a model of how we see and use string to represent how we see and how light travels. I would be thrilled if people could email photographs of this to Year6@overseal.derbyshire.sch.uk