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Thursday 30th   April

Maths – Lesson 4 -

 White Rose Maths Hub Year 5 Home Learning

Click on the link above.

This will take you to the White Rose lessons for Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April).

You should be used to this by now 😊

Scroll down to lesson 4. Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book.

The answers are there for you to check, too.

This is what your screen should look like when you get to the website.

You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I’ve put them below, too.

(You will need to go to the website for the video, though.)

Thursday 30th April


Remember, you are completing your story that you started yesterday.


You are imagining that you are walking through the woods and discover this place.

Act it out in your head and consider:

What is it like?

What are your first thoughts?

How do you feel?

What can you see around you?

Are you afraid of the tiger?

Do you know the person in the doorway?


Write a descriptive piece of writing which images in the readers’ mind.


Focus on the outside and the inside description.

Consider the atmosphere you want to create and choose your language carefully.

Think about the types of sentences you will use – short and simple for impact? Complex and longer (with commas) for effect?


You may want to magpie some ideas from any other books you have read or from films you have watched. Remember to refer back to your plan and character description to help you. 


Follow the story checklist to help you:

  • Beginning (Have you introduced the characters in your story? Have you described where the story is set? E.g. in a forest, near a mountain, by the sea)
  • Build up (Have you said what the characters are doing or where they are going?) 
  • Problem (Have you told the reader what the problem or challenge is?)
  • Resolution (Have you said how the problem or challenge is solved? Perhaps the characters have worked together.)
  • Ending (Have you brought the story to an end?


You could challenge yourself to meet your writing targets.


You can either type or write your story in your exercise book.


I’d love to read it, please:



Lesson 3

Today, you will continue with the work you started yesterday.

Look back again through the slides from Lesson 1 and Lesson 2 on Yosemite National Park.

Read through what you have already written in the 2Do – What I have Learned.

Complete the task below.