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Thursday 2nd April



Work through the Powerpoint below once more.

Remind yourself of what you learned yesterday.

Complete the Problem Solving and Reasoning challenges.

There are three challenges. D is developing skills. E is if you feel confident; E is working at the expected Year 5 level. GD is if you wish to challenge yourself at that greater depth of the concept. As always, challenge yourself  -you could do more than one challenge!

Complete work in your exercise book and check your answers. If you have any questions wrong, can you work out why?

Thursday 2nd April


Click on the 2Do ‘Blank Postcard’. I’d like you to think about what is has been like being at home since the school was closed. What have you been up to? Who is at home with you? What’s it like not being able to see your friends? How are you keeping yourself entertained?

You can be factual and tell it like it really is, or you can always use your imagination! Have aliens visited? Have you discovered a new world in the back of your garden shed?

Complete the postcard and draw a picture on the other side, then post it to me (‘hand in’).