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Brilliant Butterflies!



I hope you have a great day of learning at home.


** Remember, your adult can upload any examples of the learning we set for you at home to Tapestry to share with Mrs Lilley, Miss Blake and Mrs Goodridge. We'll enjoy seeing what you've been up to and can make a comment back **


Here are the activities for the day...




READING: Please can you spend 10 minutes+ daily reading/ sharing books  (story or non-fiction) with an adult or older sibling. 

See the 'Reading weblinks' folder for Oxford Owl free online  eBooks if you want some new ideas.


** Today, enjoy sharing a book(s) with an adult/ older sibling. 

Give a simple book review about it, eg. What is it about? Who is in it? What happens/ problem? How does it end? Do you like it?

Give it a star rating out of 5! **



Key questions of the day...

Q. What is the name of your book?

Q. What star rating would you give it?


Things to remember to be a good reader...

- Look at front cover to work out the title.

- Can you find the author's name?

- Be a good digraph detective!

- Track words with your finger.

-  Look out for any tricky words you know how to read by sight.

- Use WORD BREAKDOWN to say when there's a word you don't understand or know what it means in the story context.


PHONICS - Brain warm-up using your homemade phase 3 sound flashcards (from yesterday) or by referring to the phase 3 sound mat saved in the reading resources folder.



** If you wanted to make another set of phase 3 digraph/trigraph flashcards then you could play 'PAIRS' memory game. Or perhaps using a stopwatch (on phone) to see how long it takes you to recall all of the phase 3 sounds. Can you beat your time later in the day/ the next day?!


** Use/ refer to the phase 3 YES or NO questions worksheet and have a go reading the simple question and deciding if the answer is YES or NO. Remember to be a good digraph detective to help blending.


WRITING – Supertato and the Super Veggies have done it!!

Evil Pea and the pea gang have finally been captured, once and for all!!



** Send Evil Pea a final message to tell him what we think about him, eg.


“Go awai you nortee pee!”

“We doant lighc you.”


Things to remember to be a good writer

- Sound out the word carefully to hear as many sounds as you can

- Use your digraphs/ trigraphs sound mat

- Recall tricky word spellings from phase 2 and 3

- Remember to put a finger space between each word

- For longer words, chop them up into two bits to make sounding out easier, eg. clap the parts (syllables) to break up the word.

- Look at the letter formation mat to help you remember where to start (robot, caterpillar, zig zag monster, ladder letters)




** Let’s play SHAPE SHOP! Find a range of real-life everyday 3D shapes in your home that are a cylinder, cube, cuboid, sphere. You will need a partner to play with. Take it in turns to phone the ‘SHAPE SHOP’ and ask to buy a particular 3D shape, eg.


“Hello ‘Shape Shop’. Please can I buy the (3D shape name).“


Can your partner pick the right shape to match the name given?




** Why not challenge yourself and start to use some descriptive vocabulary to talk about the different 3D shapes…





(not sides, as that applies to flat 2D shapes only)




“Please can I buy a shape that has… no pointy corners/ one curvy face.”

It’s a sphere!