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Shape, Space and Measures

Shape, Space and Measures Objectives:


  • Begin to use mathematical names for ‘solid’ 3D shapes and ‘flat’ 2D shapes, and mathematical terms to describe shapes.
  • Select a particular named shape.
  • Can describe their relative position such as behind or next to.
  • Order two or three items by length or height.
  • Order two items by weight or capacity.
  • Use familiar objects and common shapes to create and recreate patterns and build models.
  • Use everyday language related to time.
  • Beginning to use everyday language related to money.
  • Order and sequence familiar events
  • Measures short periods of time in simple ways.
  • Children use everyday language to talk about size, weight, capacity, position, distance, time and money to compare quantities and objects and to solve problems.
  • Talk about, recognise and recreate simple patterns.
  • They explore characteristics of everyday objects and shapes and use mathematical language to describe them.