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School Sport Organising Crew

The School Sport Organising Crew run sports games, during lunch times, for children to join in with. They also help with Sports Day and other sporting events within school.


The School Sport Organising Crew will be working alongside the School Council to suggest how we can encourage more children to have healthy active lifestyles and join in with school sport competitions and after school clubs. 


On Friday 19th October, some Year 5 children took part in some leadership training. They discussed what makes a good leader and the importance of teamwork. They worked in teams to create their own games to play outside. Also they looked at how we can promote healthy eating and lifestyles more in school. Finally, they came back to school and shared their ideas in an assembly. These children will now work closely with the rest of the School Sport Organising Crew to provide games for all the children to join in with at lunch.