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Reception Art Gallery

Upload your minibeast masterpieces to Tapestry and Miss Blake and I will add them to this gallery for all your friends to see. It doesn't have to be a minibeast art and craft, it could be anything that you have created that you are proud of. Inspire others by sharing your creations!

(Only include yourself in the picture if you are happy for your photo to be on the website)

Marcelina’s sensational smile!

Leon’s smiley face, spreading happiness!

What a super spider, Marcelina!

We made colour monsters to show how we were feeling.

Xander’s cube transformer family!

Xander's colourful transformer

A family of snails 🐌 by Marcelina

Leon’s super snail picture! 🐌

Xander’s Brilliant Bumblebee from Transformers!

Annalise made a minibeast hotel. What could you use to make a minibeast hotel? She also made a pyramid!

Maisie's collaged bee

Xander's long centipede

Annalise's paper plate bee!

Cleo's beautiful flowers and bees!

Amazing animal drawings by Phoebe and her Mum!

Great playdoh creations, Annalise and Maisie

Marcelina’s beautiful symmetrical butterflies

Cleo’s playdoh animals

A lovely symmetrical butterfly, Bethany!

What a beautiful butterfly, Evelyn!

The Hungry Caterpillar!

What an amazing spider, Leon! 👏

Butterfly weaving by Annalise

Minibeast shape pictures by Thomas and Cleo

Lovely ladybird by Alfie!

Super Spider by Harley!

Marvellous Minibeasts by Marcelina!

Beautiful Butterfly by Leon!

Lovely Ladybird by Alex!

Alex's Amazing Aquarium!

Alex made a symmetrical butterfly!

Harriet’s symmetrical press print butterfly

Amelia Rose’s printed butterfly