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Early Years Foundation Stage
Personal, Social and Emotional Development (PSED) are three building blocks of future success in life. They are closely linked to each other and often bracketed together as one area of learning and development.


Personal development (Being me) – how we come to understand who we are and what we can do, how we look after ourselves.


Social development (Being social) – how we come to understand ourselves in relation to others, how we make friends, understand the rules of society and behave towards others.


Emotional development (Having feelings) – how we come to understand our own and others’ feelings and develop our ability to ‘stand in someone else’s shoes’ and see things from their point of view, referred to as empathy.


Starting the process of successful PSED is essential for young children in all aspects of their lives.  It will help them to:

relate well to other children and adults;

make friends and get on with others;

feel secure and valued;

explore and learn confidently;

and ultimately to feel good about themselves.


(From the National Strategies: Early Years)

What do children learn in Reception to support their Personal, Social and Emotional development?