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RE at Overseal Primary

The UK has a rich heritage of culture and diversity. This is continuing today in an era of globalisation and an increasingly interdependent world. Religion and belief for many people forms a crucial part of their culture and identity. Religion and beliefs have become more visible in public life locally, nationally and internationally. The impact of religion on society and public life is constantly brought to public attention through extensive media coverage.


At Overseal Primary school we strive for our RE curriculum to be fully inclusive and allow our children of all abilities and from all backgrounds to gain a broad, well-balanced understanding of the world we live in helping them to understand and navigate a rapidly changing 21st Century world. We aim to provide a high- quality RE curriculum which encourages curiosity and an interest in the beliefs, values and traditions of individuals, communities, societies and cultures, from the local to the global reflecting on their own beliefs, values and experiences in the light of their study so as to promote their personal development.