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Money Maths Week 3 Activities

Maths: Choose an activity each day to help you become more confident using money.

Use real coins if you have them or you could use the coin sheet or make your own.


Garden Centre - Set up your own garden centre selling flowers, plants and other tools and practise buying and selling things (to the cost of 10p).


Coins in a bag - Put coins 1p - £1 in a bag and pick them out. Name the coin and say how much it is worth. (what size is it? What shape is it? What colour is it?)


Coins Game (Link below)- Put coins in order of how much they are worth.


Compare coins – Take two coins and compare their size, shape and colour. eg. 5p coin is smaller than 10p coin eg. 2p coin is brown and 10p is silver.  Challenge: Can you recognise coins just by colour, size and shape without needing to see number value on them?


Coin rubbings – Use crayons to take rubbings of different coins. What do you notice about the shape and markings on the coins?


Toy Shop Money (Link below) – Practise using 1p coins to pay given amounts up to 10p. We don’t have (3p/4p/6p/7p/8p/9p coin) to use so have to make the right amount.


Sweet Shop (Link below)- Using 1p coins to pay for sweets in the shop costing up to 10p.



Q. What is the name of this coin?

Q. How much is this coin worth?

Q. Which coin is worth the least/ most?

Q. Which coins are worth more/ less than


Challenge questions!

Q. Would you rather have eight 1p coins or three 2p coins? Why?

Q. Would you rather have one 5p coin or three 2p coins? Why?

Use practical equipment or drawings to show and explain your answer. Be a great mathematician: SHOW IT – DRAW IT – EXPLAIN IT!