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Please can you choose a book and spend 10 minutes+ reading/sharing it with an adult or older sibling. It can be a book that you have at home or an eBook on the Oxford Owl website.


If you would like another activity, then ask your mummy or daddy to search on YouTube for ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle and enjoy listening to the story. What is the name of the caterpillar’s home that he builds around himself?

**Read the sentences and fill in the gap with the missing word**


Brain warm up: Sing along with one of the British Council alphabet songs.

Phase 4 learning: To practise blending and reading Phase 4 words, you can either play Dragon’s Den, Picnic on Pluto or Buried Treasure on the Phonics play website or choose an activity from the ‘PHONICS resources and weblinks’ section on the main page.



Today I’d like you to practice your caterpillar letters.

Practise forming letters in different ways:

1. In the air – SKY WRITING

2. On a family member’s back (or your pet- gently!) – TICKLE WRITING



Quick Check!

Are you using the correct pencil grip?

Are you starting the letter in the correct place?

Are your letters sitting on the line?


How did you do? What are your stars and wish?

Q. What have you done particularly well?

Q. How could you make your letters even better?


Maths: Sorting 2D shapes

You will need:

A ruler, coin, bottle lid, cracker/bread and piece of tissue.

** Create a shape picture of a minibeast! You can cut your own shapes out or use one of the pictures below.**

Can you be a superstar learner and use the maths key vocabulary today?     *sort, side, corner, straight, curved, triangle, circle, rectangle, square, *

Key Questions

What is the name of this shape?

Is it a 2D (flat) shape or a 3D (fat) shape?

How many corners does it have?

How many sides does it have?

Are the sides straight or curved?

How can you sort the shapes?


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