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Monday 4th May


LO: TBAT multiply 2 digits by 2 digits.


Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video slides, and worksheets. (I’ve also put the question sheet and answer sheet below.)


You can also visit the BBC Bitesize website for an extra video on today’s maths lesson (Monday 4th May).


The links are below:




Just a reminder – the idea is that the BBC provides further support to help you learn, you will still need to complete the White Rose question sheet, and as always, you can check your answers.

Monday 4th May


LO: TBAT use inverted commas to punctuate speech.




Remind yourself all about inverted commas by watching the video.

Then, watch the clip to brush up on your understanding of why and how inverted commas are used.

Read the information the page gives you, then work your way through the activities. You might want to use your exercise book.

The final activity asks you to annotate a text, putting in correct speech punctuation. I’ve attached that sheet below.

Topic  - CEOP – Staying Safe Whilst On-line!

Home Activity 2


We are still all spending a lot more time than we would normally on a computer. I’m sure a lot of us are also keeping in touch with friends and family on computers or screens and no doubt, we’re playing a few more games on-line than we normally would, too.

This is all okay and it can be a lot of fun, but we need to remember how to keep ourselves and others safe whilst using the internet.

Today, just like last week, all year groups will be doing some activities about staying safe on-line. I’d like you to follow the link below. It will take you to the ‘Think You Know’ home learning activity pack 2.


Work your way through the page, try to have fun and pay attention to what it says – it makes a lot of sense!

Don’t forget you can share how you get on by emailing:


I’ve put the activity sheets below as well.