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Good Morning Brilliant Butterflies!

I hope you have a great day of home learning.

Can you name this flower?



Use the PhonicsPlay website and select ‘Sentences’ Phase 3

Choose a digraph or trigraph from phase 3 that you find tricky and practice reading sentences containing that sound. Or you can choose sentences to help you practice tricky words that you find difficult. If you select ‘Revision’ it will help you practice a mixture of sounds that you’ve learned so far in Reception.

If you want more challenge then play the same game but Phase 4


 Have fun using the PhonicsPlay website and choose ‘Buried Treasure’, ‘Dragon’s Den’ or ‘Picnic on Pluto’ and select Phase 3 or Phase 4.

You can choose your level of challenge.



This week, Brilliant Butterfly is looking for you to be able to recognise patterns all around you and know that a pattern repeats over and over/ keeps coming back. Patterns can come in all sorts of different ways, as long as it keeps come back over and over again. This week, can you look all around you and see how many patterns you can spot!  E.g a zebra crossing


Colour Patterns

Click on the link below and choose the correct colour that comes next in the pattern. There is also a sheet that you could print if you prefer.


 (If you’d rather not go on the computer then there are also suggestions for how you could create your own repeating patterns on the week 4 page ‘Get creative with Patterns’)


Key questions:

What is the pattern?

What comes next?/ How would the pattern carry on?

How do you know it’s a pattern?

Can you explain the pattern?


This week we are trying Oak Academy lessons. There are videos to watch with a teacher and activities to do. I hope you enjoy them!

Online Safety Monday

Every Monday for the next few weeks, I will post a link to an online safety lesson. All lessons can be found on the main Reception page for home learning.