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Monday 27th April

Maths – Lesson 1 – Adding decimals with the same number of decimal places

 White Rose Maths Hub Year 5 Home Learning

Click on the link above.

We need to click on the link for Summer Term – Week 2 (w/c 27th April)

Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book.

The answers are there for you to check, too.

This is what your screen should look like when you get to the website.

You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I’ve put them below, too.

(You will need to go to the website for the video, though.)



Monday 27th April

Look at the picture stimulus below and use your imagination.  This will be our inspiration for the week’s literacy work.


A Hut on Chicken Legs


You might want to magpie some ideas from other stories you have read or from films you have watched. 

Today's lesson is an opportunity for you to plan your ideas in your exercise book. You will refer to your plan in the writing tasks this week. 


Answer the following questions:

What can you see in this picture? Look for details you think others might miss.

Why is the hut on chicken legs? Does it move? Who controls it?

Who is the person in the doorway? What are they doing? Do hey want to be inside the hut?

Why is there a tiger in the foreground? Does it live here?

Is it owned by someone or is it wild?


Then create a word bank, generating nouns (what you see e.g. hut, tiger, skulls, fence, ladder, figure) and brainstorm adjectives to describe them.

Think about the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.


What can you see? (e.g. a wise tiger in the foreground) 

What can you hear? (e.g. crows squealing) 

What can they smell? (e.g. smoke from the chimney) 

What can they taste? (e.g. mildewed air) 

What can they touch? (e.g. rough wood of the fence)


Try to be as descriptive as you can – this will help you later in the week.

Topic  -CEOP – Staying Safe Whilst On-line!

Last week we practised our typing skills as we are all spending a lot more time than we would normally on a computer. I’m sure a lot of us are also keeping in touch with friends and family on computers or screens and no doubt, we’re playing a few more games on-line than we normally would, too.

This is all okay and it can be a lot of fun, but we need to remember how to keep ourselves and others safe whilst using the internet.

Today, all year groups will be doing some activities about staying safe on-line. I’d like you to follow the link below. It will take you to the ‘Think You Know’ home learning activity pack 1.


Work your way through the page, try to have fun and pay attention to what it says – it makes a lot of sense!

Don’t forget you can share how you get on by emailing: