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Maths - Lesson 1 - Find three quarters


Click on the link above.

This will take you to the White Rose lessons for Summer Term 1 – these are the maths plans we follow in school, so you’ll be very used to the different methods and diagrams they use. 


For Year 2, the lessons continue with the Spring Term block first, so you will revisit fractions for a couple of lessons and then continue with length. 


Watch the video slides – pause and rewind as you need to. Then, answer the questions on the activity sheets in your exercise book.

The answers are there for you to check, too. 


Your screen should display the image below when you get to the website. You can either click on the links for the activity sheets and answers, or I've put them below, too. (You will need to go on the website for the video, though.)

Literacy - Planning lesson

Look at the picture stimulus above and use your imagination. 


You may want to magpie some ideas from the dragon stories we have read as a class, from any other books you have read or from films you have watched. 

Today's lesson is an opportunity for you to plan your ideas in your exercise book. You will refer to your plan in the writing tasks this week. 


Answer the following questions:

Where are the girl and the dragon?

What can they see from this place?

What are they looking at?

Why are they here?

Does the girl own the dragon as a pet? Or does the dragon own the girl as its pet?

What species of dragon do you think it is? Is it friendly?

Does anyone else know they're up here? What might other people say about their friendship?


Then create a word bank thinking about the 5 senses; sight, sound, smell, taste, touch.

What can they see? (e.g. dormant volcano) 

What can they hear? (e.g. whistling wind) 

What can they smell? (e.g. perfumed flowers) 

What can they taste? (e.g. sweet berries) 

What can they touch? (e.g. bushy leaves)



Topic - Science

Our new science topic is 'Animals including Humans'. 

Today we will be naming adult animals and their young.

First, read through the power point below. How many animals can you match correctly? 

Then log on to Purple Mash.

Click on the '2Do' icon.

Click on 'Adult and Baby Animals'.


Select a picture or draw your own by clicking in the picture box (the drawing tools will appear on the left). Then write a sentence below it. E.g. A baby goose is called a gosling. A baby elephant is called a calf.