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In Maths we are starting our statistics unit.

Watch the power point teaching line graphs. Do all the tasks on the slides. Calculate the answers then reveal if you are accurate. Please do not cheat or you will not be learning.

Then try the varied fluency tasks. You could print if you have a printer. Alternatively, you can work in a book. Choose your challenge. D is developing skills. E is if you feel confident; E is working at the expected Year 6 level. GD is if you wish to challenge yourself at that greater depth of the concept. Choose the challenge right for you so  that you are successful, learning and making progress. After the task mark your own answers. Tomorrow on Tuesday do the Problem solving.


I thought this would be a super chance to spend more time delving into the story of Macbeth that we studied back in Autumn. Read the text, possibly with your family. Work though just the text applying your reading strategies.

Can you tell your family all the strategies needed to be a good readers? Then answer the questions set about Macbeth which will show your understanding and develop your reading skills. Check how accurate you were using the answers provided. Please do not cheat or the task is not going to develop your reading skills!

Science: use the weblink below to watch a video about the heart and do a quick quiz!