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Monday 30.3.20


Go to your 2Do icon on Purple Mash.

Complete the ‘Decimal Fractions’ task. You will need to add and subtract decimal numbers. Answer them mentally or jot down your working out. Remember, you might need to use place holder zeros.  Try again – can you beat your time?

Now click on your 2Do icon and complete the ‘Problems Involving Decimals’ task.  Read the question a few rimes and try to tell it as a story to help you visualise what to do.

Monday 30th March


Read the Greek myth of Medusa (below in a document).

Go to Purple Mash and click on your 2Dos – Medusa story.

Rewrite the story in your own words. Hover over the hints on the left for some tips on what to write.

Don’t forget your writing targets and to edit as you go along.