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Times table fun-

Start with your 2do's on Purple Mash. You have 'multiplication' which will give you a score out of 25 and I will be able to see if you have improved since the last time we did this test in school!


The other 2do I have given you is 'monster multiplication' which is the game you are used to using in school. I wonder how big your monster has got?


When you have completed those, choose from one of the activities below to do to make multiplication fun! You can do more than one if you wish or even create your own game or activity. I'd love to see what times table fun you get up to so send me pictures of your active learning to our class email:


Idea one- You need a muffin tin and some counting objects
Idea two- You need some squared paper, pens and dice
Idea three- You need lego figures or pieces and times table question cards
Idea four- make a multiplication using lego blocks

Idea five- times table scavenger hunt


If you have pebbles or stones in your garden you could write the numbers 1 to 12 on stones (You could use wooden pegs or write on the bottom of plant pots or even just write numbers on pieces of card)

Then hide them in the garden or get someone to hide them for you.

Go on the hunt for two numbers, multiply them together and tell someone the answer or write it down.

If you are playing against each other you could make it into a race and see who finds stones first and gets to their answer first!


You could do this indoors or outdoors

Idea six- times table fitness test


Similar to above, apart from this time when you've found the numbers in your garden you have to find the answer and do that many star jumps/jumps on a trampoline/skips/hula-hoops


e.g. 3 x 5 = 15 star jumps


you could do this indoors or outdoors