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Decimals - Ordering decimal numbers to 2 decimal places

There is a power point above to help if you need to!

You have a choice today.

You can either complete the Varied fluency tasks below like you are used to


You can download 'comparing monsters' and choose a challenge level (1 star= challenge 1, 2 stars= challenge 2 and 3 stars= challenge 3)

(You can complete both if you like but the expectation is only one or the other)


Choice 1

Please read through and complete the fluency (up to slide 13) activities on the power point below. Work out the answers and complete these in your workbook.

Once you have worked through the power point, you must answer the fluency questions (below). These are split into 3 challenges - just like you are used to. D is challenge 1, E is challenge 2 and GD is challenge 3.

Remember, challenge yourself to complete what you can and if you want to go up to the next level and complete all challenges you can. Please answer these in your exercise book - make a note of the date and question numbers. 

After completing the tasks, you can mark your answers or have someone else mark your answers and check them with you (answers available below).


Choice 2

Select a challenge (1-3 stars) and then order the monster based on their height. The sheet says cut and stick, however if you are not printing the sheet, you can just order these in your workbook. Write down the answers in your workbook and then check them against the answers (on the same document, so don't peek)