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Thursday 26th March 


Log on to Purple Mash.

Go to your 2Do icon.

Click on ‘Campsite Jim’.

Following yesterday's literacy work, where you needed to identify the adverbial openers, you now need to find this and drag the comma to the correct place.


Remember the comma does not always go after the first word (e.g. Quickly, he ran as fast as the speed of light out of the woods). In fact, that is one of the only times the comma only goes after the first word. Most of the time there will be a phrase that you need to find at the beginning and separate this from the main clause.


In the morning, I woke up and took part in a Joe Wicks workout. 

Beyond the woods, I saw the bright glow of the sun rise.

You can have as many goes as you want, try to get them all right!


Once you have completed the quiz, in your workbook, can you write examples of  sentences with different adverbial openers.

You need to write 5 sentences with:

- A manner adverbial opener- e.g. Excitedly, I rushed down the stairs.

- A frequency adverbial opener - Every evening, I go for a jog.

- A place adverbial opener - Between the sea and the sky, birds glided effortlessly.

- A time adverbial opener - Before long, the sun had set and the skies drew in.

- A possibility adverbial opener - Perhaps, if we feel like it, we could go for a walk.