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Healthy School Community Award

Currently, we are working towards achieving our Healthy Schools Community Award. Supporting the children to live a healthy life is central to our school ethos.


We promote the importance of exercise on physical and mental health through PE lessons, the golden mile, sports clubs and visiting sports coaches.


Through PSHE, we help children to learn the importance healthy living; including eating a balanced diet and taking care of their body, for example brushing their teeth and getting enough sleep. We also teach them vocabulary for feelings and how to recognise and manage their emotions. Mindfulness activities help the children to be aware of their thoughts and feelings and manage them to improve their wellbeing.


Through PSHE and anti-bullying week, we teach children how to keep themselves safe and healthy. When we teach RSE (Relationships and sex education) we also teach the NSPCC PANTS rule , which explains clearly that our bodies are private and the difference between appropriate and inappropriate touch. The DARE programme in KS2 teaches children to be responsible, to think about the consequences of their actions and to make informed decisions. It also gives age appropriate, accurate and up to date facts and information which enables children to learn about the health effects which drugs have on the human body. Each term every class teaches an online safety lesson linked to their computing topic. We also have visitors, such as the theatre group that aimed to promote internet safety. 


Outside of the curriculum, we ensure that children's emotional and social needs are met through Chill Den, Play Therapy and Forest School sessions that help children to build social skills, resilience and self-esteem.  


We are involving children in decisions made that impact on their health and wellbeing and we would welcome any ideas that you (parents and carers) have regarding. 


We offer lots of after school clubs that encourage children to explore different activities that can help them to live a healthy. (See the school clubs section of the website)

Helpful Websites for Parents and Carers
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