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Golden Mile

Every lunch break the children can join in with the Golden Mile. The number of completed laps of the playground is recorded for each child. At the end of each half term, whoever has completed the most laps from each class will get a medal. At the end of the year, whoever has completed the most laps in total for the year will get a trophy. 


Spring Winners

YR - Lewis

Y1 - Freddie and George

Y2 - Liam

Y3 - Kane and Grace

Y4 - Kaiden

Y5 - Brandon and Luke

Y6 - Keana


Summer 1 Winners

YR - Lewis and Millie

Y1 - Freddie and Connall 

Y2 - Connor and William L

Y3 - Kane and Grace

Y4 - Freddie and Kaiden

Y5 - Brandon and Bria

Y6 - Courtney and Kye M


Summer 2 Winners

YR - Lewis, Ginnie and Millie

Y1 - Freddie, Thomas, Shay and George

Y2 - Liam, William L, Krystal and Kelly

Y3 - Tegan, Millie and Grace

Y4 - Aliyah and Edie

Y5 - Brandon

Y6 - Aston