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Get Creative with Patterns!

This week, Brilliant Butterfly is looking for you to be able to recognise patterns all around you and know that a pattern repeats over and over/ keeps coming back.


Patterns can come in all sorts of different ways, as long as it keeps come back over and over again. This week, look all around you and see how many patterns you can spot!  E.g a zebra crossing


Can you make a pattern using sounds or actions?


  • You could use parts of your body e.g. clap, stamp, clap, stamp
  • You could use musical instruments (or anything you can find around your home that makes a noise!) and create a pattern
  • You could make a pattern of dance moves or gymnastic moves E.g. star jump, pencil roll, star jump, pencil roll

Use what you can find at home (with permission!) to create some patterns of your own.


Some of the pattern work this week may seem simple but pattern spotting has positive effects on their later number understanding. Explicitly teaching pattern awareness develops mathematical thinking.


Why is pattern awareness important?
Spotting underlying patterns is important for identifying many different kinds of mathematical relationships.  It underpins memorization of the counting sequence and understanding number operations, for instance recognizing that if you add numbers in a different order their total stays the same. Pattern awareness has been described as early algebraic thinking, which involves:

  • noticing mathematical features
  • identifying the relationship between elements
  • observing regularities