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Lesson 4 – Quadrilaterals

Today, as you have been used to doing, you will first need to visit the White Rose website for the video slides, and worksheets. (I’ve also put the question sheet and answer sheet below.)

Don’t forget, you can watch, pause and rewind the video as you need to.



Today, you will complete our unit looking at haikus by writing your very own. Remember, Haikus are usually based around animals or nature so make sure you keep to this theme when writing yours.


I would like you to watch the video on the link below and then log onto purple mash. You will have a 2 do named 'Haikus' and I would like you to write me two poems about a subject of your choice linked to nature or animals. You can then add pictures around your two haikus like the examples earlier in the week.


I look  forward to reading your poems  

Topic - Wellbeing Friday

If you knew me...

This activity is designed for you to think about you as a whole person, not just what other people see. These iceberg activities are usually used to discuss emotions, particularly anger however we are going to use it a little differently. 

The top of your iceberg (above the water level), I would like you to write down and/or draw the things that people may see or know about you already.

Underneath the sea level I would like you to put all the things that people wouldn't know without asking. Naturally, these might be linked with your personality and how you deal with different things but it might also include some life experiences that you've had that not many people know about you.

Don't be scared or frightened of adding information that you are not confident about sharing. Only put things that you are happy about sharing with me but you may find that discovering some of these things will help you understand yourself a little more. 


I will complete one too and show you!

The activity sheet is below but you could just draw ab iceberg on a plain piece of paper and begin by adding your information...


If you'd like to share your icebergs, please email them to: