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Brain warm up: Warm up your brain by listening to the Phase 3 or 4 tricky words songs. Ask an adult to help you search on YouTube.

Phase 3 song: ‘Phase 3 tricky words song say hello to’

Phase 4 song: ‘Phase 4 Tricky Words Song Sight Words Song for said, have, like, come, some, what, when’

*Remember to take photographs of the tricky words and sing along too!*


Phase 4 learning: Chose the words that you find tricky and practice writing them. Or you could write some sentences using the tricky words.

Friday: Handwriting

Today I’d like you to practice your zig zag monster letters.

Practise forming letters in different ways:

1. In the air – SKY WRITING

2. On a family member’s back (or your pet- gently!) – TICKLE WRITING



Quick Check!

Are you using the correct pencil grip?

Are you starting the letter in the correct place?

Are your letters sitting on the line?


How did you do? What are your stars and wish?

Q. What have you done particularly well?

Q. How could you make your letters even better?

Friday Maths: Reviewing addition and subtraction


You will need: 10/20 objects for counting and a/two tens frame.


**Choose an activity from below to practice your adding and subtracting. You could try using a numberline, colour by numbers or  play an adding and subtracting games to play on the computer.**

Wellbeing Friday

Oak Academy PSHE lesson: Emotions

Enjoy listening to a story about a colour monster who associates different colours to how he is feeling. Then talk about how you are feeling and create your own colour monster.

You will need: Your listening ears, toilet roll tubes, colour pens/pencils/paint, tape and googly eyes.

Key Questions:

How are you feeling today?

Why are you feeling that way?

How do you think the colour monster is feeling at the end of the story?